Parking and Modernization/Construction Projects


The parking lot is ready for use.

Please use the entrances off of Lacey when heading west OR off of Campus Drive is driving north or south on Campus Drive.

Parking for students, staff, and visitors is available in any parking stall.

There is a drop-off area when entering from Lacey. 

You can access the back parking lot if you are a staff or student and have a permit through the front parking lot by taking the access road alongside the pool area.

Parking near the pool is reserved for staff during school hours.

All entrances will converge and exit onto Campus Drive in front of Hanford West.

There is no exit through the back parking lot.

We are excited and happy for this project to be ready for use.

Questions or concerns or any (positive or areas of improvement) comments: please email Mrs. Culver, Principal, or call 559-583-5903 extension 6001.