Intra-District Transfers (Inside District)

  • District policy number AR5116.1 allows students to apply for a transfer from one comprehensive high school to another on a space-available basis. Transfers are completely subject to both principals' approval and there is no guarantee to your request.

    If you are interested in applying for an intra-district transfer, please fill out the online application located here. NOTE: There is a separate application for incoming freshmen as incoming freshmen can only submit transfer requests between January 18th through January 29th, 2021, you can find that application hereYour request will be automatically sent to your student's school of residence principal. If that principal approves he will communicate with the principal of the school your student is requesting to attend. If that principal approves you will be mailed a letter of approval with directions on your next steps. 

    If your request is denied you can request a meeting with the principal of your student's school of residence. Only after you have met with that principal will an appointment with the Superintendent be possible. 

    Please note the following regarding intra-district transfer requests:

    • Any student transfer approval will not in any way apply to or guarantee future student/family considerations.
    • Students transferring during the school year MUST have approval from both principals through mutual agreement. These transfers will result in a loss of eligibility for 12 calendar months from the date of transfer for all athletics.
    • California Interscholastic Federation Rules state that any student who completes a SECOND intra-district transfer will be ineligible for athletics for the remainder of Hanford High/Hanford West/Sierra Pacific High School career.
    • Students transferring at the end of the year must submit their request no later than the last day of the fifth marking period, indicating intentions to transfer. If this transfer is approved, they will receive restricted eligibility for the following year and full eligibility thereafter. 

    RESTRICTED ELIGIBILITY DEFINITION: Any student transferring under the intra-district transfer policy will be ineligible to participate, for any sport(s) and at any level that they participated in at the prior school(s), for 12 calendar months from the first date of attendance at the new school.

    If you have questions about the Intra-District transfer process, please contact your site representative located in the sidebar. Scroll down to find the application for current high schoolers below!

Form for CURRENT High School Students

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