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Family Information Tab: Data Confirmation Process

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The family information tab in the Data Confirmation process collects information on family members that serve in the United States Armed Forces and the family's residential information. 

Armed Forces Question

Under the accountability requirements of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the US Department of Education requires all school districts to identify students who are armed forces family members. If at least one parent/guardian of your student is active in the United States Armed Forces, then select: 

Yes to the Military Question

If none of the parent/guardians of the student are active in the United States Armed Forces, then select:

No to the Military Question


Residential Survey

The residential survey helps districts determine what services you and/or your child may be eligible to receive. This could include additional educational services through Title I, Part A and/or the federal McKinney-Vento Assistance Act. The information provided in this survey will be kept confidential and only shared with the appropriate school district and site staff. 

Your child or children may have the right to:

  • Immediate enrollment in the school they last attended (school of origin) or the local school where you are currently staying, even if you do not have all the documents normally required at the time of enrollment. 
  • Continue to attend their school of origin, if requested by you and it is in the best interest.
  • Receive transportation to and from their school of origin, the same special programs and services, if needed, as provided to all other children, including free meals and Title I.
  • Receive the full protections and services provided under all federal and state laws, as it relates to homeless children, youth, and their families. 

The following options will display:

Residential Survey Options

Choose the option that best represents your family's living situation. After you make your selection the following will appear (completion of the options below is optional):

Residential Survey Extras

Optional: If the unaccompanied youth applies to you/your student's situation, please select it. You can also enter additional children living with you on this page (please note, there is no need to list the student that you are filling out the data confirmation process for - just additional children living with you). This will help ensure that all children living with you have support/access to programs that can help. To add additional children living in the household, click the Add button located in the blue bar that displays Additional Children

Add Button

A pop up will display allowing you to enter the name, gender, birthdate, grade and school name of the additional children. Fill in all desired fields and click Save to add the additional child to your profile. 

Child Details

The child's details you saved will then show up under the Additional Children banner. 

Saved Child Details - Additional Children

If you wish to add more children, simply click the Add button and follow the same steps as above. If you wish to Edit/Delete the child's details you saved, click on the pencil icon next to the child's name. 

Edit/Delete - Additional Children

A pop up window will open allowing you to make edits and then by clicking Save you will have edited the details for the additional child. To delete the additional child you entered, click Remove

Delete - Additional Children

After clicking Remove, the additional child will be deleted from this page. 

When you have made your selections, click the "Confirm and Continue" button located at the bottom of all eight tabs to save your work and proceed. 

Confirm & Continue Directions

You will then be able to proceed to the next tab: Student.