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  • COS "STEPS Online" Registration! 

    If you plan on attending COS in the Fall and have not met with a counselor, call or text Cassondra Lewis, your COS Rep at (559) 530-2501

    She just wants to make sure that you have everything ready for their "STEPS Online" Registration Process!

  • Good day Huskies, 

    Well, it has been a very trying couple of weeks since we have been together as a school and I want to just let you know that I miss you all very much.  

    I hope that you are all taking this "Isolation" very serious!  I know that we get bored hanging out at your home alone or with your family, but we just gotta do it!  

    Just remember Huskies, if you need anything from me, please, do not hesitate to contact me and let me know what you need.  Whether it's something for a scholarship, a question about something you got in the mail or in an email, or...if you jsut simply want to chat.  I am here for you whenver you need.  

    You can contact me via my school email:

    or via Remind! 

    Or you can message me from the HW Career Center Facebook Page or Instagram page.  

    Stay Healthy, Stay safe!

    Love and miss my Huskies!  

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