Information Technology

  • The HJUHSD Information Technology Department oversees information and communication technology throughout the District, including providing related support and services for HJUHSD staff, physical and logical network managment, staff and student account managment, technology and communications equipment management, and related planning and training. 

Student Accounts & Equipment

    • For student account issues, please refer students to your school Career Center staff for assistance. 
    • For student and parent issues with AERIES Portal, please refer students to your school Testing Secretary for assistance.
    • For issues with Student Chromebooks, please refer the student to the School Library Staff for assistance. 
    • For questions about policies and curriculum, please contact the Educational Services Office. 


  • IT

    • Richard Braswell
      Information Technology Manager
    • Candace McIlroy
      Communications and Technology Coordinator
    • Doug Hawkins
      Student Information Systems Coordinator
    • Kevin Daluz, Support Technician III
    • James PattesonSupport Technician III
    • Daniel McWellsSupport Technician II

    Staff Technical Support: Click here!