Athletic Documents

Drew Black - 2022 CIF Division II Champion

Welcome to Hanford West Athletics

  • The primary purpose of the athletic programs at Hanford West High School is to promote the physical, mental, social, emotional, and moral well being of the participants. It is our desire that athletics will be a positive force in preparing youth for an enriching and vital role in American life.

    The athletic program is an important and integral part of the total school program and is open to participation by all students regardless of individual differences. Through voluntary participation, the athlete gives time, energy, and loyalty to the program. He/She also accepts the training, rules, regulations, and responsibilities, which are unique to an athletic program.

    In order to contribute to the welfare of the group and to meet the goals and objectives set for each sport, the athlete must willingly assume these obligations as the role demands and must keep in mind that the athlete must make sacrifices not required of others.

    We expect that all student athletes embrace the school's tradition of outstanding sportsmanship, citizenship, and fair play. The below information provides the basic responsibilities and expectations of parents and student-athletes while actively involved in our athletic programs. Because student-athletes are held to high standards of performance, citizenship and sportsmanship during school and non-school functions, acceptance of these responsibilities to self and to the team is mandatory. Students are expected to perform at high levels of physical and academic fitness in their respective sport activity. Parent support for these standards of excellence is needed to ensure that each student has the opportunity to strive and reach desired athletic goals. 


    Students will be ineligible for extra-curricular activities, co-curricular activities and other school sponsored events/activities for any of the following reasons:

    • Less than a 2.0 GPA each grading period
    • Two F's in a grading period
    • Two U's "Unsatisfactory Citizenship" marks in a grading period
    • Clearance Card for each specific sport (Must sign up online thru FamilyID)
    • No more than 19 tardies (Handled through School MTSS Process)
    • No major suspendable offenses (See below Discipline drops)
    • No major attendance (Truancy 3 Letter/School Attendance Review Board)
      • Games: A student athlete shall NOT participate in a game if the student athlete has been absent for any portion of the day for any reason other than official school business or a valid reason as determined by the site administrator 

     Discipline Drops

    • Alcohol/Drugs use & or possession - Automatic 365 day suspension from ALL athletics
    • Any tobacco product may be subject to a 45 day suspension from athletics on the 2nd offense.
    • Fighting & Theft - may be subject to dismissal
    • Social Media - any inappropriate posting and/or comments any any kind may be subject to dismissal


    HW Athletics Department Contacts:

    • Allyson Teraoka Kerber - Athletics Clerk
      • Email:
      • Phone: 559.583.5903 ext. 6012
    • Angelo Macias - Athletic Director
      • Email:
      • Phone: 559.583.5903 ext. 6011