Athletic Documents

  • Welcome to Hanford High Athletics

    We are proud of the contribution our student athletes have made to build a strong sense of community.  We expect that all student athletes embrace the tradition of outstanding sportsmanship, citizenship, and fair play.  Students are expected to perform at a high level of physical and academic fitness in their sport activity. 

    Parent support for these standards of excellence is needed to ensure that the proper values are in place for our athletes.


    Students will be ineligible for extra-curricular activities, co-curricular activities and other school sponsored events/activities for any of the following reasons:

    • Less than a 2.0 GPA each grading period
    • Two F's in a grading period
    • Two U's "Unsatisfactory Citizenship" marks in a grading period
    • Clearance Card for each specific sport (Must sign up online thru FamilyID)
    • No more than 12 tardies per semester
    • No major suspendable offenses (See below Discipline drops)
    • No major attendance (Truancy 3 Letter/School Attendance Review Board)
      • Games: A student athlete shall NOT participate in a game if the student athlete has been absent for any portion of the day for any reason other than official school business or a valid reason as determined by the Site Administrator
      • Referred to Restorative Justice (Pup Center): If the athlete is sent multiple times he/she may be held out of practice and or games upon discretion of an administrator. If the athlete is in the Pup Center all day then he/she will be held out of practices and or games. 

    HH Athletics Department Contacts: