School-Wide Learning Outcomes

  • J  Meeting your student where they are at in their educational journey
         HOC teachers and administration will:

    • Create a nurturing, safe  learning environment for students
    • Leverage access to technology to enhance daily lives and learning
    • Assist students with transitions for college and career

    A  Accomplished Learners
         HOC students are engaged learners who:

    • Challenge themselves continually
    • Solve problems and express ideas creatively
    • Have skills of self-advocacy, responsible decision making, and relationship-building to prepare for college and career

    G  Global-Minded Citizens
         HOC students are people of integrity who participate in the school
         and larger community to:

    • Transfer and apply cognitive skills and strategies in all subject areas and real-life situations
    • Develop and establish an awareness of the responsibilities of contributing members of a diverse society
    • Practice resilience and adaptability

    S  Self-Directed and Independent Thinkers
         HOC students are quality producers who: 

    • Demonstrate responsible work ethic by respecting due dates and deadlines
    • Demonstrate academic honesty and integrity
    • Independently produce quality work that integrates skill, knowledge, and critical, ethical and creative thinking across the disciplines.

Mission Statement

  • Hanford Online Charter is dedicated to providing a flexible and innovative learning environment that accommodates the needs of all learners, with a focus on understanding, engaging, and empowering each unique student for college and beyond.