Principal's Message

  • I am happy to start my third year as the Principal of Earl F. Johnson.  As a staff, we work daily to support students mentally, physically, emotionally, and academically so that they may leave us and become well-rounded, productive members of the community who have post-secondary goals.

    Goals for the 2020-2021 school year:

    • Improving graduation rates for all students. (Using our CSI and Title 1 Monies to accomplish this)
    • Focusing on improving the performance of our English Learner students in the areas of their graduation rate, lowering their suspension rate, and increasing the reclassification rate. 
    • Implementing portions of the MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support) such as the Leadership Team and holding At-Promise meetings with the Site MTSS Team twice a month.

     Progress on goals from the 2019-2020 school year:

    • The incorporation of technology in classrooms as we are now 1:1. 
      • Progress: We were able to effectively implement distance learning. We ensured all of our students had internet access from their homes by providing them with hot spots.  We implemented a technology program called GoGuardian so we were able to better assist our students to manage their time and focus while in school. While in physical session, we worked with HJUHSD Technology Specialist as teachers to individually work towards our goals as an educator.
    • Instructional strategies so that students are receiving the best "first instruction." 
      • Progress: Monthly at our staff meetings, we shared best practices that we used in our own classrooms with each other in the hopes of adding to each teacher's toolbox of strategies. 
    • Improving our graduation rates.
      • Progress: Our graduation rate was unable to be computed through the California Dashboard due to COVID-19 and the shut down of schools. According to our in-house calculations, we had 45 12th-grade students and of those, 30 graduated.  We also had eight students return for a fifth year in hopes of completing their high school diploma. This puts our graduation rate at 66.7%, which is equivalent to our 2018-2019 graduation rate.
    • Providing our students with opportunities to explore colleges and/or careers. 
      • Progress: We held a College and Career Night on campus where several military branches, local community colleges, and other service providers attended.  Students who attended were able to talk to all representatives and learn more about potential post-secondary goals. 
      • We had our Soroptimist- Hanford group work with our ladies throughout the school year. They brought in several guest speakers that ranged from a Culinary Arts professionals to the Deputy Warden in Corcoran.

    We are proud KNIGHTS: Knowledgeable, Noble, (have) Integrity, Grateful, Hard-Working, and Trustworthy.

    We ask that all staff and students at all times, "Be R.E.A.L.": Be Responsible, Engaged, Accountable, and a Leader. 

  • Katy V. Culver
    Katy V. Culver, Principal
  • Posture BE REAL
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