• All student-athletes will follow the BIG Four:


    Will maintain appropriate attendance by. . .

    1. Being present in all classes on game day.
    2. Maintaining 80% attendance overall (tardies included), each week.

    Will be productive with their achievement by. . .

    1. Passing all classes, and/or not having more than 1 F, each week. 
    2. Making weekly APEX progress = 1 unit w/Practices completed each week.

    Will demonstrate appropriate behavior by. . .

    1. Not being removed from any class more than 1 time; 2 removals from any class each week = no game that week.
    2. Not being suspended; a suspension results in one-game suspension upon the return from the suspension.
      1. There will be a practice squad and a game squad.
      2. Attend all practices.
    3. Any missed practice will be excused as long as a doctor’s note is provided.
    4. 3 unexcused practices may result in removal from the team.
    5. Participate in all practice activities. Understand that credit will be earned based on participation in practice AND the number of practices attended. Understand that if during any sports season, engaging in any physical contact (pushing, shoving, fighting, kicking, spitting, etc.) will result in removal from ALL sports for the rest of the school year.