• HJUHSD Local Scholarship Program

    • The HJUHSD Local Scholarship Program has partnered with Going Merry to host our local scholarships and offer you State and National Scholarships. 
    • Below is a link to Going Merry and the "How To" information.  We will be meeting (virtually) to build your profiles.  I will also be offering evening and weekend workshops (check your email for calendar invites). 
    • You can start uploading your Supporting Documents now! 3 small Scholarship Essay, at least 3 letters of Recommendation and a copy of your 7th Semester Transcript.  You will request that after semester grades come out.
    • State and National Scholarships have already started taking applications so please be sure to log on to Going Merry on a regular Basis for new scholarships. 
    • Our local scholarships will be available for application on December 1, 2020.  Please let me know if you need any help. 
    • Looking forward to working with The Class of 2021!
    • Going Merry Link:

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    How to apply for the HJUHSD Local Scholarships:

    Click Link to Hanford West Local Scholarship page to find all the Special Applications Scholarships Available

      • Create a Going Merry account/profile by visiting www.goingmerry.com (check out the "How To" information first, located above)
      • Create an account using your personal email address-not your school email address and make it appropriate
      • Identify 2 - 3 individuals who can write you a letter of recommendation.  Two letters are required from: A staff membercommunity member, employer/former employer, clergy, etc.  You need to request your letter of recommendation by 11/30/2020 to move on in the scholarship application process.  Staff members will not accept requests after 11/30/2020.   You can make this request with your Going Merry profile.  It's super easy! (Please allow up to 3 weeks to receive your letter)
      • Complete any additional information needed. Include any additional pages, essays, art submissions, etc. as required for those scholarships that ask for them and upload them to your Going Merry account.  Links to required documents for scholarships asking for additional forms required are below.  Please upload these documents to your Going Merry profile in your "Documents" folder.  Label file with scholarship name.                  

      Items that you will need to create to apply for scholarships: 

      • Student resume - Include all activities, clubs and organizations and athletic teams that you have been active in while in High School.  
      • Scholarship Essay/Personal Statement - NEW! All the HJUHSD Local Scholarships require that you write three short essays.  Guidelines are included below in the "Student Tools" Area. 
      • Letters of Recommendation - You should upload 2-3 letter of recommendation to be included in your applicatin.  Letters of Rec can be from HW Staff, Your Elementary and Middle School Staff or other members of the community.  A good rule of thumb is to give your recommender a "Student Activities Record" (Available in student tools") or a Resume so that they have plenty of information to include in your letter. 
      • Transcript - A second semester transcript are required to be attached to all "Local Scholarship Program" applications.  For Special Applications, please follow the directions on the apllication.  Some apps require Transcripts and some do not.  Also, be aware of the type of scholarship they are requesting.  Official Transcripts - Require a signature and District stamp.  Sealed Transcripts require that your official transcript be put into a sealed envelope by the Registrar or Career Center.  You can request your transcript from Mrs. West in the Main Office or from Mr. Amavisca in the Career Center.  Transcript request form for Mr. Amavisca to run your transcript are also located in the student tools area.  
      • Awards and Honors - Some scholarships require that you include certificates or citation letters for the awards and honors that you have been given.  Scan these Items and save as a PDF to include them in your applications

      NOTE:  All "Required Document" areas must be filled with a document before you can "submit" an application. Once all required documents are attached to the application, the program will allow you to submit your application. Not all applications require the same attachments, so please be sure the required documents are attached.

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