COVID-19 Operations Written Report for HJUHSD

  • Hanford Joint Union High School has chosen to interact through the use of computer and communicatins technology, as well as delivering instruction and scheduling office hours with their teacher. We have included video instruction in which has become the primary mode of communication between the student and instructor that relies on a computer or communications technology. It has also included the use of print materials incorportating assignments that are the subject of written feedback for those students who are unable or are not comfortable with digital learning. 

    HJUHSD assessed our ability to deliver instruction both in an online setting and also in a non-technological setting, we kept in mind that not all students and families have access to devices or high-speed internet and that we may not be able to meet the needs of all our student through online instruction. 

    We developed short and long term goals, accounting for the length of time currently planned for the school site to be closed and for the possibility that the closure may need to be exteneded. We also met with teacher leadership teams to analyze course sequences to ensure essential standards would be covered and to provide training on how to continue to deliver instruction. Delivery option for various disciplines, such as fully online curriculum or online online curriculum with individualized or small group interaction with teachers is being provided. Professional Learning Communities are engaged with one another to calibrate on offerings for students, exchange of effective practicies, or adjusting approaches to ensure engagemenet with students weekly through Google Meets. 

    Check out the full COVID-19 Operions Written Report for HJUHSD below!

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