Student Information Tab: Data Confirmation Process

  • The student information tab in the Data Confirmation process displays current student demographic information. If necessary, this is where you can update the primary phone number for your student, the student's cell phone number, correspondence language, the parent's highest education level, your student's ethnicity and your student's race. Watch the video tutorial below or scroll down to read our guidance on navigating through this tab in the Data Confirmation process. 

    Student Demographics Table

    Most of the fields you see in the student demographic's table should already be populated. If you see the information that is missing or incorrect you can update the information by clicking on "Change" located at the bottom of the table. 

    Student Demographics Table Change Button


    • PRIMARY PHONE: This field should contain the number you want the school to call first in all matters related to your student. 
    • STUDENT'S MOBILE: This field collects the student's cell phone number. It's highly recommended that you update this information as we will be launching a new messaging app that better allows us to reach students. 
    • CORRESPONDENCE LANGUAGE: Setting this field will determine what language letters and reports cards are sent home. HJUHSD is currently set up to provide correspondence in both English and Spanish. 
    • PARENT HIGHEST EDUCATION LEVEL: This field should be populated with whichever parent has the highest education level. 
    • ETHNICITY: This field asks whether or not the student is Hispanic or Latino. 
    • RACE(S): This field collects information on the student's race(s). Select all that apply. 

    When you have finished updating your student's demographics, click "Save" located at the bottom of the table. 

    Save Button on Student Demographic Table

    After saving the data you will see a date and time stamp at the top of the page. This allows you to confirm your information was updated. 

    Time/Date Stamp

    When you are finished, click "Confirm and Continue" to proceed with the data confirmation process. 

    Confirm and Continue Button