• Welcome to the HJUHSD Local Scholarship Program's WizeHive Portal. By clicking on the Icon below, you will be prompted to log on to the Wizehive website to begin inputting information into your portal account. For those of you that have sponsored a scholarship in prior years, your information is stored in your portal and you will be able to log on with the same username and password that you used last year.  If you are a new sponsor, or are new to your organizations scholarship team, you will need to create your own portal account.  We will then link your portal account with the scholarship information from your organization.  Ongoing scholarships - If you sponsor a scholarship that is offered each year, all we ask is that you review the information you have provided in prior years and check for acuracy.  If a new "Scholarship Contact Person" has been appointed, please update that information and have that person create an account so that they can log on to our website. Please let us know of the change and we will match your scholarship with the new  "Sponsor/committee member".  NEW Scholarships! - If you are going to offer a scholarship that has not been awarded in prior years, please be sure to 1. Create a portal account, 2. Create a new scholarship listing.  Include all the requirements of the scholarship and if you choose to use your own application (Our system uses a "Generic" application, This include demographic information from the student and includedes supporting documentation: Resume, Scholarship Essay, 2-3 Letters of recomendation, and 7th Semester Transcripts), you can upload your application electronically in your portal. That application will then be available for the students to download and fill out.  You can talk to any of the three Career Education Coordinators at HJUHSD for assistance or for questions. 


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