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  • Items that you will need to have when applying for scholarships:

    • Student resume - Include all activities, clubs and organizations and athletic teams that you have been active in while in High School.
    • Scholarship Essay/Personal Statement - All the HJUHSD Local Scholarships require that you write a one page essay. Guidelines are included in the Supplemental Scholarship Documents & Info. page. 
    • Letters of Recommendation - You should upload 2-3 letter of recommendation to be included with your application. Letters of Recommendation can be from SP staff, your elementary and middle school staff or other members of the community. A good rule of thumb is to give your recommender a Student Activities Record or your Resume so that they have plenty of information to include in your letter.
    • Transcript - A second semester transcript is required to be attached to all "Local Scholarship Program" applications. For Special Applications, complete a Transcript Request form located in the Supplemental Scholarship Documents and Info. page. Some apps require transcripts and some do not. Also, be aware of the type of transcript that they are requesting. An official or sealed transcript requires a signature and district stamp. A sealed transcript requires that your official transcript be put into a sealed envelope by the Registrar. You can return your Transcript Request form to Mrs. Vega in the Attendance office. She will process your transcript order and you will need to pick it up from her. 
    • Awards and Honors - Some scholarships require that you include certificates or citation letters for the awards and honors that you have been given. Scan these items and save as a PDF to upload them in the scholarship database and include with you applications.