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    • How to apply for the HJUHSD Local Scholarships:

      • Create a Going Merry account/profile by visiting www.goingmerry.com 
      • Create an account using your personal email address-not your school email address and make it appropriate
      • Identify 2 - 3 individuals who can write you a letter of recommendation.  Two letters are required from: A staff membercommunity member, employer/former employer, clergy, etc.  You need to request your letters of recommendation as soon as possible so you can move forward in the scholarship application process. You can make this request with your Going Merry profile.  It's super easy! 
      • Complete any additional information needed. Include any additional pages, essays, art submissions, etc. as required for those scholarships that ask for them and upload them to your Going Merry account.  Links to required documents for scholarships asking for additional forms required are below.  Please upload these documents to your Going Merry profile in your "Documents" folder.  Label file with scholarship name.  
    • Items that you will need to create to apply for scholarships: 

      • Student resume - Include all activities, clubs and organizations and athletic teams that you have been active in while in High School.  
      • Scholarship Essay/Personal Statement - NEW! All the HJUHSD Local Scholarships require that you write three short essays.  Guidelines are included below in the "Supplemental documents" area. * WRITE your 3 essays and then "paste" them into Going Merry under the appropriate writing prompt. 
      • Letters of Recommendation - You should upload 2-3 letter of recommendation to be included in your applicatin.  Letters of Rec can be from SP Staff, Your Elementary and Middle School Staff or other members of the community.  A good rule of thumb is to give your recommender a "Student Activities Record" (Available in supplemental documents") or a Resume so that they have plenty of information to include in your letter. 
      • Transcript - A second semester transcript is required to be attached to all "Local Scholarship Program" applications.  For Special Applications, please follow the directions on the application. Some apps require transcripts and some do not.  Also, be aware of the type of scholarship they are requesting.  Official Transcripts - Require a signature and District stamp.  Sealed Transcripts require that your official transcript be put into a sealed envelope by the Registrar or Career Center.  You can request your transcript from Mrs. Vega in the main office.  
      • Awards and Honors - Some scholarships require that you include certificates or citation letters for the awards and honors that you have been given.  Scan these Items and save as a PDF to include them with your applications

             NOTE:  All "Required Document" areas must be filled with a document before you can "submit" an application. Once all required documents are attached to the application, the program will allow you to submit your application. Not all applications require the same ````attachments. Please be sure the required doucments are attached. 

Offered NOW on Going Merry


  • California-Hawaii Elks Assn. Vocational Grant - On going application

  • California Teachers Association Scholarships - Multiple deadlines

  • Stokes Educational Scholarship Program - Awarded every three months


  • Scholarship for Future Female Entrepreneurs - September 20, 2022


  • La Jolla Mom Communications Scholarship - October 28, 2022

  • Big Future Scholarship - October 31, 2022

  • Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship - October 31, 2022

  • College Board Scholarship - October 31, 2022

  • CollegeXpress Scholarship - October 31, 2022

  • Horatio Alger Scholarship - October 31, 2022

  • VFW Voice of Democracy Scholarship Contest - October 31, 2022

  • Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship - October 31, 2022


  • Regeneron Science Talent Search - November 9, 2022

  • Elk’s National Foundation 2022 Most Valuable Student - November 14, 2022

  • Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship - November 15, 2022

  • National Space Club Scholarship - November 15, 2022

  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Program - November 17, 2022

  • SP Scholarship - November 30, 2022


  • Barbara Lotze Scholarship for Future Teachers - December 1, 2022

  • Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow Scholarship - December 1, 2022

  • Dell Scholarships - December 1, 2022

  • Mindscape Big Picture Scholarship - December 15, 2022

  • Overachievers Student Grant - December 15, 2022

  • Common App Scholarship - December 31, 2022







  • Minority students have long been underrepresented at U.S. colleges and universities, but they’re increasingly making their presence felt. The National Center for Education Statistics says that minorities now make up more than 33% of students enrolled in college, which is more than double the number who were attending 30 years ago.

    Of the 16.6 million undergraduate students enrolled in fall 2018, the NCES says 3.4 million were Latino, 2.1 million were Black, 1.1 million were Asian, 120,000 were American Indian/Alaska Native, and 45,000 were Pacific Islander. 

    Many scholarships, grants, and other programs are available to help racial and ethnic minority students pay for a college education. Read on to learn about the challenges facing minorities in higher education and how to find minority scholarships and grants. Before you get started, you should know the proper way to apply for scholarships and grants. Take a look at our list of 10 tips for applying for scholarships.

    10 Tips for Applying for Scholarships

    Don’t let the process of applying for scholarships and grants overwhelm you or keep you from proceeding. Here’s a list of things you should know about applying for scholarships, which should make the process easier:

    1. Make sure you are eligible. Don’t waste your time or the time of the scholarship giver. When you scan scholarships, first make sure you meet the criteria. Focus on appropriate scholarships by their due dates.
    2. Research past scholarship winners. By looking online at biographies of previous winners, you can better understand the type of person a scholarship committee is looking for. 
    3. Create a scholarship checklist. Keep on task by scheduling submission deadlines, instructions, and things to do for each scholarship you’re interested in—for example, writing essays or getting letters of recommendation.
    4. Follow instructions carefully. Applications that do not follow instructions to the letter are discarded, so be sure to provide whatever information and materials the scholarship requests.
    5. Highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Brag about your accomplishments, such as your GPA or volunteer work. Don’t neglect to talk about your weaknesses or gaps on your application, and use this chance to explain yourself. This honesty can work to your benefit.
    6. Make time for your essay. Thoroughly review the essay question and take your time articulating an answer. Give yourself time to research your answer, and make sure to give your writing the care it deserves.
    7. Check yourself carefully. Bad grammar, poor punctuation, and an unorganized essay can hurt your chances of receiving an award. Have someone proofread your essays and personal statements before you submit them.
    8. Secure letters of recommendation. Get letters from people who know you well and can highlight your strengths. Provide them with the scholarship information, and give them plenty of time to compose their letter. 
    9. Be on time. Keep to your schedule so you’re not waiting until the last minute. By submitting scholarships early, you free up your time to apply for more scholarships.
    10. Make copies of all submissions. Scholarship givers can lose all or part of your application. Your copies can be your backup. By submitting early, you can protect yourself in case your application is returned or gets lost in the mail.


  • 2022 Graduates - Scholarship Questions & Answers

    Where do scholarships come from?

    Scholarship money can come from any number of sources. Scholarships are gifts. They do not need to be repaid. There are thousands of them, offered by schools, employers, individuals, private companies, nonprofits, communities, religious groups, and professional and  social organizations.

    Some scholarships are merit-based. You earn them by meeting or exceeding certain standards set by the scholarship-giver. Merit based scholarships are usually awarded based on academic achievement or on a combination of academics and a special talent, trait, or interest. Other scholarships are based on financial need.

    Many scholarships are geared toward particular groups of people; for instance, there are scholarships offered to just women, or athletes, or minorities, and some are available because of where you or your parent work, or because you come from a certain background (for instance, there are scholarships for military families).

    A scholarship might cover the entire cost of your tuition, or it might be a one-time award of a few hundred dollars. Either way, it’s worth applying for, because it’ll help reduce the cost of your education or just put some cash in your pocket for expenses like a new computer or help you pay for transportation and living expenses.

    How do I find scholarships?

    Other than our Local Scholarship Program, you can learn about more scholarships in several ways, including looking online at your perspective college for scholarship opportunities, but be careful. Please make sure that the scholarship information and offers you receive are legitimate; and remember that you don't have to pay to find scholarships or other financial aid. 

    Try these free sources of information to find out about scholarships:

    • The Financial Aid Office at a college or career school
    • The U.S. Department of Labor’s FREE scholarship search tool 
    • Federal agencies
    • Your State Grant Agency 
    • Foundations, religious or community organizations, local businesses, or civic groups
    • Organizations (including professional associations) related to your field of interest
    • Ethnicity-based organizations
    • Your employer or your parents’ employers
    • Google it!

    When should I apply for scholarships?

    The simple answer is NOW! Our Local Scholarship Program is LIVE now on Going Merry. The deadline to apply and submit your applications (for Local Scholarships) is January 27th

    How do I apply for scholarships?

    Each scholarship has its own requirements. Make sure that you read the application carefully, fill it out completely, and meet the application deadline. You may apply for as many scholarships as you qualify for... Please make sure that you meet the minimum qualifications listed for each scholarship for which you apply and attach all the required elements. If a scholarship description says that you MUST be something (member of a club, certain ethnicity, etc.), that means exactly what it says - you MUST BE! If the description says, "PRIORITY GIVEN TO", and you meet the other criteria listed, go ahead and apply. Scholarship sponsors do not like to review applications only to find out that the student was not even eligible to apply! 

    How do I get my scholarship money?

    That depends on the scholarship. Many donors will send your money directly to your college where it will be applied to any tuition, fees, or other amounts you owe, and then any leftover funds given to you. Or it might be sent directly to you in a check. We will give you a Scholarship Award Sheet that will list all of the Local Scholarships that you have won and give you directions on how your award money will be paid out. Most of the time, you will need to send your “Proof of Enrollment” to the donor to confirm that you are attending college.

    Examples of Proof of Enrollment:

    • Your college schedule
    • Copy of your student ID
    • Letter from the Registrar at your college/university

    Make sure that whatever form of Proof of Enrollment you use, it includes your name, and college ID number and that you provide the address of your college/universities Financial Aid office.

    HJUHSD has three different categories of scholarship applications:

    1. Standard (Local Scholarships) Applications – on Going Merry:

    Local Scholarships are “housed” on Going Merry. You will need to create your student profile. You will need to upload your letters of recommendation, your three short scholarships essays (see writing prompts under “Scholarship Supplemental Documents”) and your resume.


    1. Special Applications – on Google Drive:

    Special Applications are uploaded to an accessible online drive for you to be able to download and fill out online. The list of these applications can be found on the Career Center website. These applications are considered “Special” because you cannot submit them online. They have to be mailed to the donor or emailed. Please read the instructions on the application for specific directions on getting the application delivered to the scholarship donor. I will mail them for you if you get them to me by the deadline of February 1st.


    1. Online Applications – Online:

    There seems to be no end to the scholarships that are offered online. We have listed many, but there are many, many more. You can search for more scholarships by using search tools found by going here:

    Lastly - Please report to me any scholarship money that you have won (at the end of the school year), regardless of the source. We keep track of this information and have a friendly competition with the other two campuses. We are the smallest school in the district, but we definitely give Hanford High School and Hanford West a run for their money! What's the reason we are so successful? WE ARE AWESOME! 





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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.