Social Emotional Support

  • School-based mental health services are more than just counseling; they range from prevention and skills development to intervention and evaluation, referral, collaboration, consultation and counseling.

    For more information, please contact your student's counselor.

Suicide Prevention

  • HJUHSD is committed to the health and well-being of all students.   The district acknowledges that students learn best when their social and emotional health is tended to.   In addition, protecting the health and well-being of all students is of utmost importance to our school district. With this in mind, HJUHSD offers a number of services that promote student well-being and support suicide prevention.  These programs range from onsite crisis support, referrals to community counseling and training for students and staff.

    Each school site has trained professional student support teams that work collaboratively with parents to ensure that social and emotional barriers to student learning are identified and addressed. If your student is experiencing distress or needs.