• California Young Reader Medal Program

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  • The California Young Reader Medal Program is a state program where students pick 3 novels to be read over the course of a specific time.  

    The program will kick off in January (dates to be determined).

    At Hanford High we offer a Pizza Party to any students who read all three books and complete a worksheet.

    Students who attend the party will also get an opportunity to vote on their favorite book.

    Books will be checked out for 1 week periods with the option to renew. If a book is overdue there will be a charge of $0.25 per day that it is late. 

    You will be turning in your worksheets using turnitin.com . Follow the link and upload the worksheet that has been shared with your google drive (Or Click Here). Simply make a copy, fill out the information (be specific! take as much space as you need to tell us about the book) and upload it to turnitin.com using this information. 
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    Please upload your worksheet to the assignment that matches the book you read. If you upload the worksheet and you have filled it out correctly (we want to know you read the book!) we will send you a confirmation email. If your worksheet is not satisfactory we will send you an email to let you know and you will have to fix your worksheet. If you do this you must upload it to the CYRM Redo assignment, that way we know you have completed it.