Eligibility Requirements

  • All students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities regardless of race, color, national origin or gender. "Ineligible" students may not participate in any extra-curricular activities or athletics. All eligibility information listed below is included in the student/parent handbook which is mailed out every summer. For questions about your student's eligibility contact your student's counselor. 

  • Absence

  • Academic Elgibility

  • Citizenship Eligibility

  • Intervention Center

  • Off Campus Eligibility Criteria

  • Suspension

  • Tobacco/Alcohol/Drugs

Stay on top of it

  • Check how your student is doing in regards to eligibility by logging into your parent portal account! The instructions are below.

    1. Log into your parent portal account (if you don't have one find the steps to create one here). 
    2. In your sidebar click on 'Attendance' to check your student's attendance
    3. In your sidebar click on 'Gradebook' to check your student's grades
    4. In your sidebar click on 'Student GPA' to check your student's GPA


HOC Handbook

HJUHSD Handbook