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Tip of the Week


    Posture Check

    Sitting at a desk for extended periods of time can cause tension on the spine.  We often compromise unnatural positions to accommodate feeling more comfortable, such as crossing our legs.  However, this position is actually very taxing on our lower back!  Instead, uncross your legs and keep both feet flat on the floor.   Can you feel the difference in your lower back?  Proper posture will help allivate back pain and promote a stronger, more engaged core.  You can engage your core even more by removing the chair and sitting on a Swiss exercise ball.  


  • Sheri Salazar – Payroll, Benefits & Accounting Specialist II 
    559-583-5901 ext. 3107

    Renee Creech - Assistant Superintendent 


Weekly Challenge

  • water

    Studies have shown that when water is close and more available we drink it more.  Invest in a reusable water bottle-something that catches your eye that you'll enjoy carrying around with you.  And then bring it everywhere you go!