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IAttendance Counts. Be Here. Every Day, All Day.t is our ultimate goal to help your child earn their High School Diploma and be prepared for the next phase in their life. 

HJUHSD recognizes that all excessive absences, whether excused or unexcused, place students at risk of not graduating and makes a concerted effort to keep students in school. 

We want to develop a positive partnership with you and your student. We believe in a team effort and realize that it will take all stakeholders to prepare the foundation for your student and ultimately prepare them for the challenges of life. Our staff, teachers, and Administration hope to work with you to help your student reach their full potential. 

Help Your Child Succeed:

Missing School = Missing Out
  • Stay in touch with your student’s school

  • Reinforce the importance of school

  • Ensure that they come to school on time and regularly

  • Contact the school if student is absent for one of the 9 excusable absences (EC 48205)

  • Schedule a day to escort your child to ALL their classes (if concerned about behavior-this allows you to witness their actions in class & around campus

  • Sign up & check Parent Portal often (follow progress)

  • Work with the school to help support your student so they can succeed

  • Encourage them to get involved and committed to thier education (clubs, programs, athletics)

Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow


Attendance Matters